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What is the Startup Societies Foundation?

The startup societies foundation is a global organization which exists to promote the creation of new societies. There are currently hundreds of groups in the process of building the nations of tomorrow. These include special economic zones, private cities, micro nations, communes, and more. New societies can be built more dynamically, and more efficiently than existing ones. Our foundation examines the questions these new societies will face. Topics include economics, infrastructure, politics, foreign policy, and, most importantly, technology.

New Ideas

Building new societies from the ground up allows us to test radical new ideas. The policies of tomorrow can be tested in the startup societies of today.

The Time is Now

Across the world, people are struggling to change the systems they live in. The last few years have seen an unprecedented rise of new political movements, radical ideas, and innovative technologies.


Decentralization protects human rights. Historically, self governance has always accompanied humanist values.


Summit Speakers

Meet the Summit's past speakers

Seasteading Institute
Joe Quirk

Joe Quirk is the manager of the Seasteading Institute. The institute is building an industry around the creation of permeant floating settlements. Currently, Joe Quirk is negotiating with several governments who are interested in seasteading.

Free State Project
Jason Sorens

Jason Sorens is  a Lecturer in the Department of Government and Program Director of the Political Economy Project at Dartmouth College. He is also the founder of the Free State Project. His plan is to turn New Hampshire into a special economic zone.

Fort Galt
Gabriel Scheare

Gabriel Scheare is the founder of Fort Galt, a startup society in Southern Chile. Fort Galt has been financed, and is currently under construction. Chile has recently become a rapidly growing tech hub with giants like the DAO and exosphere emerging.

Radical Social Entrepreneurs
Michael Strong

A creator of global entrepreneurial solutions in education, culture, community, law, and governance. Strong is the Co-founder of Ko School + Incubator and the CEO of Radical Social Entrepreneurs.

Pax Directory
Philip Saunders

Phillip Saunders is the founder of Pax Directory, a dispute resolution technology for Ethereum. He will be giving a talk on Ethereum, a revolutionary crypto currency which will allow the creation of decentralized markets and governments.

Ripple (Former)
Steven Zeiler

Steven Zeiler helped develop Ripple, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies. In 2015, Ripple had a market cap of roughly $780,000.

Joe McKinney

Joe McKinney is the chief of operations at the Benjamin Rush Institute, a think tank that studies free market healthcare. He also is the founder of Proudsource, a financial startup based in Palo Alto, California.

ICHA Foundation
Preston Martin

Preston Martin is the co-founder of the International Coalition for Human Action, the non-profit which hosts the startup societies summit. Recently graduated from the George Mason University honors college, he is also the first historian to ever piece together the events of Operation Atlantis (1970).

Startup Societies
Thibault Serlet

Thibault Serlet founded the Startup Societies Summit in 2015 in order to bring attention to market oriented enclaves. The Startup Societies ecosystem is rapidly growing as many projects begin to gather international attention. He also is involved in a crowdfunding startup.

Joe Jarvis

Joe Jarvis is the author of “Anarchy in New England,” a novel which depicts an anarchistic post-apocalyptic society. He is also publishing another novel, “Fight Grounded”, a week before the summit. Stick around for his book signing during the summit.

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