About the startup societies foundation

What’s our mission

The Startup Societies Foundation studies, promotes, and connects startup societies. Our ultimate goal is to create a vibrant, global startup societies industry through international conferences, investment summits, digital content, and academic studies. Our efforts are intended to create alternatives to traditional politics, business, culture, and technology.

Our impact areas

For politics, startup societies can provide a method to create totally new societies, without the barriers of existing institutions. For business, startups and established companies alike can innovate under competitive governance. Cultures can develop by being allowed the freedom to construct their own destiny. Technology can multiply the possibilities on all these fronts.

Our Ideology

Startup Societies does not endorse any ideology or ideal society. It believes that there must be a multiplicity of options to test, ranging from private cities and special economic zones to collectivized communes. Their success depends on empirical evidence. In order to apply the scientific method to societies, we must have a large sample size.


While the goals and location may differ, our methods do not. We are a coalition of action. An alliance of thinkers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and creatives who prove their ideas through deed, not word. 
The best argument is proof in the real world.