What If Puerto Rico Could Be Saved By Innovative Tech?

Trump and the U.S. Government barely have Puerto Rico on their radar, so how can we put it on ours?

Introducing Puertopia, where Blockchain technology can be tested without overbearing regulation or taxation, and attract young entrepreneurs to help rebuild the island.

After an underwhelming US Government relief effort, Puerto Rico welcomes Blockchain startups to motivate their rebuilding effort. Incentives are already in place through the island’s tax code (acts 20 and 22), allowing individuals involved in Cryptocurrency who want to avoid capital gains tax to start their own infrastructure. Puerto Rico is attracting generation Crypto with regulatory changes rather than fiscal ones.

These regulatory changes will allow innovation that will not only improve the economic outlook of the island, but will also help reverse Puerto Rico's infamous brain-drain. The effort to rebuild the island can be supported by public-private partnerships relying on new technology improving on Puerto Rico’s age-old physical and regulatory infrastructure.

What will blockchain do for Puerto Rico?

The entrepreneurs leading this effort are Brock Pierce (Director at the Bitcoin Foundation) and Bryan Larkin (CTO, Blockchain industries). The two of them were able to move up in society by using this revolutionary technology and have decided to direct their efforts into making Puerto Rico a paradise for Blockchain startups, while rebuilding the island and making it a more functional environment.

Want to learn more about how you can participate?

Join us on May 9th & 10th at George Mason University

At Startup Societies Summit GMU, we will examine all the aspects of how to rebuild Puerto Rico. Ranging from infrastructure, debt, and special economic zone development, to the potential for green energy projects and seasteads. It’s time to rebuild.

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