Startup Societies Foundation: February 2017 Announcement

In December 2015, I started the Startup Societies Foundation (then called ICHA Foundation) in order to promote the creation of development enclaves across the world.

Originally, we were going to organize a single conference and nothing else. Over time, SSF has grown into a massive international organization. We have organized conferences in Palo Alto, New Hampshire, Athens, and Rhodes. Our blog posts have been shared tens of thousands of times. Our community has expanded to include all of the top thought leaders and experts in the field.

Consequently, our organization has been experiencing growing pains, and it is time for a internal reorganization. As part of this reorganization, I am stepping down as CEO and will become Vice President instead.  Joe McKinney will replace me as CEO.

I am not quitting Startup Societies – in fact I recently quit my job and plan on working at SSF full time. I am changing roles because my skill set lies with convincing people of the validity of our ideas, writing articles, doing research, and fundraising.

Joe is very organized, and has a skill set more aligned with the administrative duties that CEO entails. 2017 has already proven to be an amazing year, and I have absolutely no doubt that our progress will continue at a breakneck speed. I will stay very involved with Startup Societies Foundation, and look forward to continuing the projects that I have began.

-Thibault Serlet

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