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The Startup Societies Foundation is hosting a conference at Georgetown in Washington D.C to discuss the importance of special jurisdictions, blockchain technology, and green infrastructure in rebuilding Puerto Rico.

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In September 2017, Puerto Rico, home to 3.4 million Americans, was hit by Hurricane Maria.

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Estimates place the property damage caused by the storm at just over $100 billion.

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Puerto Rico’s energy grid was devastated, creating the biggest blackout in American history. In all, Hurricane Maria has caused a loss of 1.25 billion hours of electricity supply.

In order to rebuild, Puerto Rico should equip communities with renewable energy and telecommunications infrastructure, such as solar panels, solar cells, water filters, mesh networks, hydroponics farming, and fiber optic cables can empower Puerto Ricans.

The goal is to make these communities self-sustaining and focused on 21st Century solutions, putting Puerto Rico at the forefront of the green tech revolution.

However, smart infrastructure alone will not rebuild Puerto Rico. Aid and rebuilding efforts must be innovative and based on local knowledge. Moreover, friendly business environments are crucial for sustainable economic redevelopment. 

Special jurisdictions with more innovation-friendly policies are the solution. Cities such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Dubai, grew from nothing within the span of a few decades due to innovative policies.

To remain competitive, Puerto Rico should also turn to blockchain technology:

  • E-government — which can drastically increase transparency and ease of doing business
  • Initial Coin Offerings — to tokenize land holdings and municipal bonds in order to attract capital
  • Blockchain Regulations — streamlined in order for Puerto Rico to become the "Crypto Capital" of America

With state of the art infrastructure and an entrepreneur-friendly environment, Puerto Rico can make startup cities to rival Silicon Valley as the tech capital of the United States.


Startup Societies Georgetown Summit
for Puerto Rico

We will feature some of the biggest leaders in: 
investment, tech entrepreneurship, NGOs, policymaking, media, and Special Economic Zone development.


Tom W Bell SEZ Expert.jpg

Tom W. Bell
SEZ Expert

Samuel Hammond, Niskanen Center.jpg

Samuel Hammond
Niskanen Center

Titus Gebel, Private Cities.png

Titus Gebel
Private Cities


Matt McKibbin


Joe Quirk
Blue Frontiers


Enrique Martinez
WebCapitalists Corp

Sanford Ikeda, Economist.jpg

Sanford Ikeda

Michael Strong, Honduras ZEDE.jpg

Michael Strong
Radical Social Entrepreneurs

Austin Williams, Future Cities and SEZ Expert.jpg

Austin Williams
Future Cities / SEZ Expert


Oliver W. Porter
Sandy Springs

Patrik Press Photo.jpg

Patrik Schumacher
Zaha Hadid Architects


Edward Glaeser
Author of Triumph of the City

Dale Brown, Detroit Threat Management Center.jpg

Dale Brown
DTMC Founder

Derek Magill, Praxis.jpg

Derek Magill

Lotta Moberg, Refugee Cities and SEZ Expert.jpg

Lotta Moberg
Refugee Cities / SEZ Expert


Deborah Acosta
Innovation Officer

About The Foundation for Puerto Rico


The Startup Societies Foundation is hosting this conference in order to raise funds for The Foundation for Puerto Rico, a non-profit dedicated to rebuilding the Island.

To date, the FPR has already:

  • Hosted 180 businesses and NGO’s to provide modern office facilities
  • Served as a certified fiscal agent to help other non-profit entities ensure monetary and physical goods are handled responsibly
  • Delivered over 20,000 gallons of fresh drinking water 
  • Visited 97% of the Island
  • Impacted 125 Elderly Care Homes
  • Completed 103 Outreach Missions
  • Coordinated over 500 volunteers, all helping those who need it most
  • Distributed over 37,000 pounds of food
  • Facilitated over 31,000 electronic food stamp transactions

About The Venue — Georgetown University

Georgetown University is a private-research institute located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington DC. The school itself holds 7,500 undergraduate students and 10,000 post-graduate students from over 130 countries.

It is most notable for preparing students in careers within government and international relations. However, it does have a reputation as one of the bigger feeders of students going into finance on Wall Street. 

The school is America’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university, participating in academic life since 1805 - although the majority of students today are not Catholic. The school is also home to the country's largest student-run business and largest student-run financial institution.

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